Brad Browning The Ex Factor Guide Review

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The Ex Factor is a complete step by step program dedicated to getting your ex boyfriend or girlfriend back into your arms for good.Inside this system you will learn how to start communicating with your ex again by using certain key phrases, power words,text messages,phone conversations etc which will compel your ex to want to talk to you again.

Product Name : The Ex Factor Guide

Author Name : Brad Browning

Official Website : CLICK HERE

Ex Factor Guide is a proven system that has already helped thousands of men/women from around the world in getting their ex Back.

The complete ex factor system comprises of 160 page ebook,a set of easy to follow instructional videos,bonus pdf and audio version of the system.Inside the system you will learn exactly what to say to and do to your ex to make them infatuated/obsessed with you again.

The Ex Factor Guide for Male / Female version is divided into following 14 Chapters:

  • Chapter #1:  Introduction
  • Chapter #2: Attractive Characteristics
  • Chapter #3: Unattractive Characteristics
  • Chapter #4: Panic Acceptance
  • Chapter #5:  Start with " No Contact"
  • Chapter #6:  Start Dating other Men/Women
  • Chapter #7:  What if He/She Contacts You
  • Chapter #8:  What if He/She Doesn't Contact You
  • Chapter #9:  The "Date"
  • Chapter #10: Seduce Him/Her all over Again
  • Chapter #11: Sex (What to Do After Sex)
  • Chapter #12:  Preventing Breakup
  • Chapter #13:  Desperation Tactics (The Desperation Letter)
  • Chapter #14:  Conclusion

The Ex Factor Guide comprises of Following Components:
  • 160-page Interactive E-Book
  • 5 Hour Pro Audio Course - This 14 parts audio course covers the same topics as the main Ex Factor e-book.  It is intended as an alternative option for those who prefer to listen to a professionally-narrated version rather than read the e-book.
  • 3-Part Pro Video Series - This 3-part bonus video series covers topics not fully discussed in the main Ex Factor e-book. 
  • FREE Bonus #1: 10 Commandments of Sexual Attraction - This ebook teaches you ten tried and tested ways to build sexual attraction.If you apply these 10 rules to your life you'll develop a magnetic personality that women can barely resist.
  • FREE Bonus #2: Seven Simple Steps to Sex Appeal - This ebook provides styling and grooming secrets for men.You will learn 7 simple things you can easily alter to your appearance to become" Universally Attractive".By skyrocketing your sex appeal,getting your ex to come crawling back to you will be easier than ever before.
  • FREE Bonus #3: Flawless Physique Fitness Guide - This guide provides different workout plans and a number of exercises for different body parts to help you achieve that flawless physique that you always yearn for.

The Ex Factor Guide Testimonials:

"Hi brad here is a testimonial for u.. because ur emails and book were the reason my ex is back in my arms again. so thank u for all ur help and advices, i am so happy now to have her back with me. wish you all the best and thanks again."

-- Rohit Bhatti (India) 

"Whats up brad, just wanted to send you my testimonial since your program worked so well... dont think i couldve gotten back together with my ex if i hadnt signed up to yuur program. Absolutley awesome stuff, thanks and a lot man, i guess i owe you a beer haha."

-- Quint M. (Plymouth UK) 

"OK guys, let me just say that Brad browning is a f%#$ing GENIUS! His book basically saved my relationship... and it only took like 2 weeks. If your considering buying brad's book, heres my advice: DO IT!"

-- Jesus Sanchez (Reno NV)